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Aerohive Wireless Solutions

Aerohive Networks has introduced an innovative new class of wireless infrastructure equipment called a Cooperative Control Access Point (CC-AP). A CC-AP combines an enterprise-class access point with a suite of cooperative control protocols and functions to provide all of the benefits of a controller-based wireless LAN solution, but without requiring a controller or an overlay network. Aerohive Networks implementation of a CC-AP is called a HiveAP.

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We are under attack !

Surprisingly the UK Government has made recent press releases about the possibility of cyber attacks against their systems.

I have worked in the IT Security space for 16 years and the possibility of attacks and espionage have always been a very real threeat. Indeed I have been called in to investigate many instances of such threats. Whether it be a virus, direct attack or intrusion they have all been very real for many years. Vigilant and responsible companies have consistently carried out the necessary measures to at least protect themselves from the majority of the well known exploits and deploy other systems to alert for suspicious network activity. They train staff and continue to review their policies on a regular basis.

Standards have been implemented to enforce and to some degree, force companies and institutions to fall in line with specific levels of security, so why should the Government assume that they were somehow immune from such attacks. This is nothing new, althou…

Hackers penetrated Nasdaq computers

UK Threat From CyberAttacks